Video Tapes/Files to DVD and Blu-Ray

We offer conversion of most video formats into whatever format you need. We have an extensive in-house capability that can handle most private and corproate needs. Our services include:

• VHS Video tape to any format needed
• VHS-C conversions
• Video 8, H.8, Digital 8 conversions
• Mini DV & Flash memory conversions
• Hard drive camcorder archiving and conversions
• Tape repair services for most formats.

Modern VHS video conversion is more than just playing the tape into a home DVD recorder. This leads to a poor quality output and failes to recognise the differences in the technologies.

VHS invented by JVC in 1976. This was developed for the old fashioned "Tube Style" TV's that show only 85% of the picture. When a VHS is shown on a modern flat screen or computer monitor the playback shows distortion and flickering along the bottom edges as well as "head switching noise" or other interference. For the best conversion you need to use specialised software that removes these non-picture elements, as well as maintains the original quality of the recording. Only proper timebase correction ensures no distortion as it uses frame by frame comparison to remove the tape noise and other interferance. Using proper conversion software also allows for faded sound to be boosted and tape hiss reduced.

As well as using the right equipment to capture your files, we also ensure we only use high quality DVD media for output too. We prefer Verbatim media, or other quality brands over the cheaper and shorter life products now available.

We also only use direct printing of labels to the specially prepared disk surfances. Printing in full colour and to the disk ensure a professional look as well as ensuring quality products and reliable playback.Self-adhesive printed labels commonly found in low budget media are inherently unreliable. They not only cause disk imbalance & wobble that can lead to stuttering and unreliable playback, they are also prne to peeling which can cause major damage to the equipment they are being used in.

Video Systems also offer a choise of case and packaging options, as well as being able to coordinate printed sleeves and inserts.

Output of all files is available for ipad/ipod and iphone as well.