Film & Photograph - Archiving and Repair Services

We offer full archival service for capturing your old film and photographs and placing them in a new more useable format.

Supported movie formats include: 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm
Supported film formats include: 35mm, 110 cartridge, 120 film, 126 film, negatives, slides (positives), printed photos

Services we offer include:

• Full photoshop touch up services and colour correction
• Transfer to slideshows on CD Rom, DVD Rom, DVD movie, and Blu-Ray Inhouse services
• Capture so you can edit and print your own photo's.
• Create and share your digital memories
• Repair of blurry edges, cropping, and exposure correction
• Capture and removal of non-watchable segments in film
• Correction of over/under exposed film